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Copied from a record cover of the 1st Battallion Band made just before the disbandment of the Regiment.


The York and Lancaster Regiment was constituted in 1881, from the 65th and 84th Foot. It consisted of: 1st Bn. (formerly 65th Regt.); 2nd Bn. (formerly 84th Regt.); 3rd Bn. (formerly 3rd West Yorks. Lt. Inf. (Militia), now disbanded, and in 1908 were added: 4th Bn (Hallamshire) Bn. T.A. and 5th Bn. T.A.

The 65th raised in 1758, first saw service in the WEST INDIES. Sent to AMERICA in 1768 and served in the American War of Independence, including the BATTLE OF BUNKERS HILL in 1775.

Next in India during the second MAHRATTA WAR and distinguished itself at the siege of BHURTPORE.

In 1809 the Regiment sailed with an expedition to punish the ARAB pirates whose stronghold was RAS-AL-KHAIMAH on the Pirate Coast of the PERSIAN GULF and later helped to capture the island of MAURITIUS from the French.

The 65th saw service in INDIA including the MAHRATTA and PINDARI Wars of 18171818.

For distinguished exploits in INDIA and ARABIA they were granted the signal honour of bearing on their Colours the ROYAL TIGER with the word "INDIA" superscribed and the word "ARABIA" beneath. The Regt. became known as the "TIGERS" and is the only British Regt. to have been awarded "ARABIA" as a Battle Honour.

The 65th went to NEW ZEALAND in 1846 for 19 years.
It took part in the MAORI Wars of 1860-61 and 1863-65.
The Regiment was awarded two Victoria Crosses in 1863.
The Battle honour NEW ZEALAND was added to the Regiment's Colours in 1870.

In 1881 the 65th Foot became the 1st Bn. The YORK AND LANCASTER Regt.

The 84th Regiment of foot was raised in 1759 for service in INDIA and saw service at the Battle of WANDE-WASH and the Sieges of ARCOT and PONDICHERRY. In 1763 it was disbanded.

A second 84th Foot Regiment was raised in CANADA in 1775.

The third 84th Foot was raised in 1793 and was sent to the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE in 1796. From 1799 to 1819 it served in INDIA and fought in the MAHRATTA and PINDARI Wars, gaining the Battle honour "INDIA". The 84th served throughout the INDIAN MUTINY, helped in the defence of LUCKNOW and also took part in the RELIEF OF LUCKNOW and operations in BIHAR.

 Six members of the Regiment gained the VICTORIA CROSS and the battle honour "LUCKNOW" was awarded.

In 1881 the 84th became the 2nd Bn. THE YORK AND LANCASTER Regiment.

From 1881 to 1914 the Regiment's Battalions saw active service in SUDAN, EGYPT, and SOUTH AFRICA.
In the first world war Battalions of the Regiment served in FRANCE and FLANDERS, MACEDONIA, EGYPT, GALLIPOLI and ITALY. Fifty-nine Battle honours were awarded and ten were selected to be borne on the KING'S COLOUR.

Four members of the Regiment won the VICTORIA CROSS. 

Eight thousand, eight hundred and fourteen officers and men gave their lives for their country. One sixth fell on the 1st July 1916, the day the Battle of SOMME opened. Since 23rd April 1915, St. George's Day has been celebrated as a Regimental Day.

Between the wars the Regiment was reduced to two Battalions and the Volunteer Battalion which was renamed the HALLAMSHIRE Battalion, and during this period saw service in PALESTINE, IRAQ, and INDIA

During the second World War 1939-45 there were ten Battalions. Fifty-five Battle honours were awarded and ten selected to be borne on the QUEEN'S COLOUR. 

One member of the Regiment was awarded the VICTORIA CROSS. 

The Battalions of the Regiment saw active service in FRANCE, NORWAY, ITALY,

In 1946 the 2nd Battalion was amalgamated with the 1st Battalion, and served as part of BAOR from 19471952. In 1957 New Colours were presented to the Battalion by the Earl of SCARBOROUGH, Lord Lieutenant of West Riding of Yorkshire. Since 1959 they have rarely been at home, spending three years in BERLIN and MUNSTER, one year in SWAZILAND and three years in CYPRUS as garrison troops before returning to the U.K. prior to disbanding on 14th December 1968.

Lt. Col. P.A. Winter MBE
Officer Commanding 1st Battallion

 1st Battalion Band from a record cover

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