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muso5.gif 70x70 \ 114 bytes

butt01.gif 50x50\ 1.4kbutt01.gif 00x00 1.4k

music3.gif 32x32 \ 237 bytes

sheet.gif 31x25 \ 166 bytes sheet.gif

muziek3.gif 24x24 \ 2620 bytes muziek3.gifanimated

note1.gif 20x20 \ 3118 bytesnote1.gif animated

music2.gif 41x60 \ 2195 bytes music2.gifanimated

music.gif 50x50 \ 14527 bytesmusic.gif animated

music~an.gif 37x39 \ 1605 bytesmusic~an.gifanimated

tubaico2.gif 79x50 \ 2016 bytes

notes2.gif 88x74 \ 1385 bytesnotes2.gif

notes.gif 40x160 \ 517 bytes notes.gif

mustext.gif 93x302 \ 10697 bytes


score.gif 101x298 \ 30476 bytes


Pages authored by Paul English

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The images with my name against them are my own work and may be copied and

reproduced for non commercial homepages.

I would appreciate a link to the HMCB homepage

if any are used.

If you know of any other good image archives,especially MUSIC ones,

I would love to hear from you.

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