Music Image Clipart

 3 backgrounds

To copy an image, right click on your mouse and from the menu displayed

select SAVE IMAGE AS. Save the image to an appropriate file on your local drive.

These are my first attempts at backgrounds but please use them if they are any use to you.

Click on background to view full page.

200x200 1.6k 200x200 1.38k 200x200 1.8k
back20.jpg back17.jpg back18.jpg

200x200 1.74k 200x200 1.4k 200x200 1.42k
back19.jpg back7.jpg back15.jpg

200x200 3.38k 200x200 2.36k 200x200 3.15k
back22.jpg back12.jpg back11.jpg

Pages authored by Paul English

NB. To the best of my belief all the images in these archives are free to use on the internet.

If anyone recognises their work please let me know.

Some of the images are my own work and may be copied and

reproduced for non commercial homepages.

I would appreciate a link to the HMCB homepage if any are used.

If you know of any other good image archives,especially MUSIC ones,

I would love to hear from you.

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