Derek Dawson 1st Btn. bandsman.

Featuring-Derek Dawson and Brian Appleton are at the back, Arthur Atkinson oboe & cymbals in front photo taken I think on Salisbury Plain mid 50's.(photo courtesy of Derek Dawson)

When I first joined I passed myself off as a cornet player, it wasn't long before George Young( BM) put me on Eflat bass, later on, in Berlin I was going to a German Professor twice a week on Trombone, I also,at Barnard Castle played 1st. Bassoon parts on Euphonium, now that was good practise, then later, in Berlin I had to go back on Bass because I was the only one they had.On leaving the Regt. I went straight to the Grimethorpe Colliery Band, I left them two or three times only to go back there until 86/87