1st Btn Y&L Band.
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reproduced from a record cover.

Recently the Conductor John Brush  kindly supplied this information about the picture.

"On your website you show a photo of the York & Lancaster Regt Band in a very artificial pose at Curium Theatre - Cyprus, and you ask if anyone has info.  Here goes.

Background.  Curium Theatre is an ancient Greek ampitheatre that had been used by  RAF Episkopi to put on record (disc) concerts.  I persuaded them to stage a live show featuring our band, something that had never been done before. Not being totally convinced of the viability of such a course of action, they nevertheless gave the OK and offered to handle publicity which they did excellently.  We played to an audience of over 4000 and received more standing ovations than we could handle!!  A few days later this photograph was taken.

The personnel, and what happened to them on disbandment now follows:-

Position Name Disposal
Bandmaster John Brush 1. BM, Royal Highland Fuliliers
2. Brigade BM, Welsh Brigade
3. Capt, DOM, Royal Brunei Malay Regt.
4.Superintendant, DOM, Royal Brunei Police.
5.DOM,St Dennis Band, Cornwall
1st Flute Bdsm J Cocker Green Howards Band
2nd Flute  L/c J Fawbert  Redundant
Eb Clar  Bdsm J Kitchen  King's Div Depot 
Oboe L/c H Senior (+ piano & sax)  Royal Corps of Transport Band
Solo Clar Cpl A Close (+ sax) 3rd Btn Queens Regt Band
Solo Clar Bdsm C Shephard Redundant
Rep Clar  Bdsm M Murphy  Scots Guards Band 
2nd Clar Bdsm D Addison Duke of Wellington's Band 
2nd Clar Bdsm G Brown (+ guitar) 9/12th Lancers Band 
3rd Clar Bdsm C Robinson Redundant 
3rd Clar Bdsm G Smith Prince of Wales Own Band 
Alto Sax Sgt W Crossley (+sop sax) Redundant
Alto Sax Bdsm W Ricketts Redundant 
Ten Sax L/c O'Reilly Redundant 
Ten Sax Bdsm J Petticrew Redundant 
Bar Sax  Bdsm J Swift Redundant 
Bassoon Bdsm J Clough Royal Engineers Band 
1st Horn Sgt D Green Redundant (on to Central Band of the Royal Australian Air Force)
2nd Horn Bdsm B Hancox Redundant 
3rd Horn Bdsm J Wroe  Royal Corps Of Transport Duty
4th Horn Bdsm P Parker Redundant 
1st Cnt BSM C Dangerfield Redundant 
1st Cnt L/c P Hill 3rd Carabiniers Band 
2nd Cnt  L/c A Kay Redundant 
2nd Cnt  Bdsm E Dyson (+ guitar) Redundant 
3rd Cnt Bdsm D Cocker (+ guitar) Prince of Wales Own Band 
3rd Cnt Bdsm D Plummer Redundant 
1st Tbn Cpl D Brown 4/7 Dragoon Guards Band 
2nd Tbn Bdsm I Cross Redundant 
Bass Tbn Bdsm J Lawrence Redundant 
Euph  Sgt T Green BSM of Prince of Wales Own Band
Euph  Bdsm T Holmes Duke of Wellington's Band
Eb Bass Bdsm J Kenny Redundant               
Bb Bass Cpl R Tams (+ bass guitar)  Redundant                 
Perc Bdsm J Salisbury 19/21 Lncers Band
Perc Bdsm J Gregory Redundant
Perc Bdsm B Nicholls Prince of Wales Own Band
Perc Bdsm P Smith Redundant

Hope this helps.

John Brush

ps. The photograph was taken by the Photography Dept, RAF Episkopi."

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