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Brief History

The Band originates from the Hallamshire Battalion (T.A.) of the

York & Lancaster Regiment and the Battalion was formed in 1859.

The name 'Hallamshire' was given as a regimental honour

as most of the men came from the Hallamshire region of

Sheffield in Yorkshire.


The Band lost most of it's equipment during the Norway campaign in the Second World War.

It was reformed after the war by Bandmaster Lawrence Willgoose who had previously been with the RAOC Staff Band.

There is a picture of him with the Band in the gallery pictures.

He retired in 1959 and Tommy Tuft took over.


It was disbanded from the regiment in 1967 but was allowed to

keep its' name as a civilian band.

Bandmaster  Tommy Tuft and Band Sergeant Jim Cole

both sadly no longer with us, stayed with the band for many years.

We still have some of the members who served in the battalion today.

The Band is currently conducted by Christine English who took over

on Tommy's retirement.

Why 'Military' band?

Military bands have their roots in the armed forces but the term

is now used to mean those bands with woodwind instruments

as distinct from 'Brass Bands'.

Present Day

The Band is a group of musicians of varying ages and proficiency

making music together in a friendly atmosphere.

They play for their own pleasure and give pleasure to others

with their concerts.

The Music

Despite the title 'Military' the music we play covers many different

types from the traditional Marches, Overtures and Classics

through to modern day music from the Shows and Cinema.

New music releases are added often.

New Members

We are always looking for new members and anyone contemplating

joining is welcome to sit in on a rehearsal.

Contact the Conductor for any news of vacancies.


Hallamshire Military Concert Band